Changing the Lives of Young
People Through Rowing

Program Overview

Making Waves delivers a unique program curriculum to its participants. 

Through both on and off water activities, the program provides an opportunity for individuals to grow, provides motivation and looks to build self-confidence and belief in the participants.

The Making Waves program currently offers;

  1. In- School Rowing Program
  2. Out-of School Rowing Program

As part of the program Making Waves provides:

  • All management and administrative support structures for the program
  • A clearly structured program curriculum (on & off-water)
  • All program personnel with current Working with Children checks
  • All program equipment including; boats, life jackets, first aid kit, water facilities 
  • A comprehensive program risk management plan and
  • Compliance with the Department of Education requirements

1. Our In-School Rowing Program

The Making Waves In-school rowing program consists of a;

  1. Rowing component which sees participants engage with a specialised and integrated curriculum
  2.  Life skills component which develops leadership and teamwork skills

The in-school rowing program has also been developed to be fully compliant with the Department of Education:

  • Duty of Care for Public School Students Policy and
  • Outdoor Education Activities for Public Schools Procedures
  • Each school we engage with is provided with a Department of Education Compliance pack which contains all relevant documentation. 

Making Waves currently works in partnership with local schools throughout the City of Armadale and surrounding area. Through these partnerships, Making Waves can maintain flexibility regarding:

  • Session length – we can cater from 30 minutes to 2 hour sessions
  • Number of sessions per week
  • Length of program i.e. number of weeks that the program runs over, typically 4-8 weeks
  • Transport options for schools who don’t have their own transport

Partner schools are responsible for providing:

  • A teacher for each session

Our participants are typicallyYears 7-10, Male/female, general or outdoor education and a diverse range of students.

Due to the great support that Making Waves receives from its partners and supporters the program is offered at low or no cost to eligible schools and education providers.

2. Our Out-of-School Rowing Program

The Making Waves Junior Rowing Squad offers participants who have already completed the Making Waves in-school program the opportunity to continue in the Making Waves program. It also provides a pathway for those participants to then join a local rowing club to engage in competition-based opportunities.

The Junior Rowing Squad undertakes a curriculum focussed on continuing the development of the participants’ rowing and life skills through an on-water rowing program, combined with off-water development activities. The program is open to students in Year 8 to 12 who have previously completed the in-school program. The program takes place in after-school timeslot at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre. It runs for two sessions per week for eight weeks per term.